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Client Testimonials:


The kids love it! I can't get them off of it!

August 2016

Hockey mom, Conseption Bay NL



Thanks Tim. Your company has been great to deal with and exemplary service.

December 2015
J. Dickey, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada


Hi, the rink is great.. Actually almost close to expanding but have some other projects to do first...

Kid loves it and plays quite a bit on it,

October 2014
KL, Ontario Canada


Hi, Roz! I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for not responding earlier. For our synthetic ice, We have it set up in the garage. The kids absolutely love the ice! My sons have been getting much faster with all the training they've been doing! They won their championships in St. Louis (bantam and midget)! He got two shutouts! As for the ice set-up, the creases are reversed so my son can work on wrap-around plays and puck playing. Thank you so much for this


January 2014
EL, Colorado, USA


I would highly recommend Budget Ice. This product is an absolute must for a player who has the desire

and drive to succeed in hockey. I've witnessed first hand a marked improvement in my son's shot and

puck handling ability, in as little as two months. The advantage to being on skates while developing

these basic skills cannot be overlooked. In addition, Tim and his staff at Budget Ice have been very

professional and a pleasure to work with.


September, 2013
WS, Brights Grove, Ontario Canada






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